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Little Esther is a new concept to combine Web2 & Web3 investment which is designed by NFT Enthusiast and IP Development Expert to expand the spectrum of blockchain applications and NFTs to unfold the next chapter of NFT investment. 


The Little Esther Metaverse consist of Little Esther NFT Collection; Estherland: the first virtual theme park in the Metaverse which allows the NFT holders to co-run the business as an executive management & shareholder; EstherMart: an online shopping platform to connect the digital creations and physical merchs; and more to come in the near future.

Our mission is to promote a new form of NFT investment which is not entirely rely on the flips at the secondary market, but to generate stable income by bringing in profit from different channels and derivatives.



Little Esther is a genuine collection of Ethereum-based NFTs crafted by top tier designer. Each collectible will be your unique 3D AVATAR in the Estherland and to all applications to be developed in the future.


The value of the NFTs are represented by the RARENESS, PRESTIGIOUS & PROFITIBILITY. Unlike most of the NFT projects in the space, holder of Little Esther NFT will be receiving way more than just a Profile Picture, but an ownership to the Little Esther IP; a membership to a Reward Club;  and a partnership to a Web2 X Web3 business. 

The collection will be launched in 3 stages to associate with the developement of the Little Esther Metaverse which consist of Little Esther NFT and the Estherland. Each stage will have a limited supply to ensure the financial sustainability and to balance the demand. 

Our team believe that we are at the turning corner of NFT trades which buying and selling overpriced JPEG will no longer be here to stay if developers are having no plans to make profits but to create bigger bubbles; and sale strategy should no longer be overly depending on "community" but sound business decision makings.


Join our little revolution, support LITTLE ESTEHR.

Estherland Wix Roller mood shot2.png
estherland map iso.png


Estherland is a open world, multiplayer game for all. Facilities are open to public and holders of Little Esther NFT.


Besides the theme park facilities, you can also play mini-games built in the park with your friends and having a good time whenever you like. By completing missions or accomplishment in Estherland, you will receive game coins to purchase wearables, accessories for your AVATARS, or to unlock P2E features. Micro-transactions at Estherland will be one of the profit-making feature as well as placement ads by sponsors. Other features such as billboards, sound tracks or announcement in the park will also be components of business operation.


The next phase of Estherland will be focus on User-Generated-Content. Genius mind from the internet may join us to create contents within the Estherland and share the success together.

Alternatively, holders may join the game by "Investor Mode" to unlock more features when visiting the Estherland. Information such as income stats, occupancy and event calendat will be displayed on a special UI designer for Investor Mode. Therefore, Investors will be able to share their ideas on our business forum and get involve to manage an extraordinary virtual theme park.




E-commerce platfrom for Little Esther merchandses. From board games, toy figures, accessories to phone cases; a full branding campaign for LITTLE ESTHER to connect the digital and trade business.

Estherland Mart.png


A research & development section funded by LITTLE ESTHER to explore the new trends of Web3 derivatives. Lead the talent acquisition and business development.

Estherland Research.png
Estherland Charity2.png


A charity for humanitarian aid and child protecton.  



estherland map iso.png


Little Preping -Ongoing

Founding team to design the project scheme and raise fund for the preliminary works. Once the concept and goals are confirmed, community manager will then setup the social media accounts to establish communications with people in the space. Discord moderator will be appointed to manage the server and setup virtual help desk for the community.

Meet The Team

























  • Q: What is an NFT?
    A: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a digital asset that links ownership to various unique physical or digital items, Theoretically, all existence online can be transacted as NFT.
  • Q: How can I buy a NFT? What’s Metamask?
    A: You will need to have ETH (Ethereum) in a non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, Portis, or WalletConnect. Metamask is a crypto wallet that stores ETH and other crypto assets and is what we recommend in order to purchase an NFT. Click here to know more about the mechanism. Also, please be aware that there are gas fees (not physical gas), which are network transaction fees added at the time of purchase, and we do not control or receive any portion of these costs. Please check the GasTracker bot on our Discord or for live updates on Ethereum gas prices.
  • Q: What is the roadmap for LITTLE ESTHER
    A: We’ve laid out our pre-mint roadmap. As we get closer to Mint Day, we’ll reveal our post-mint roadmap. You can expect excruciating detail; with specific, measurable milestones. Transparency and communication are pillars of how we do business. Expert to hear from us often.
  • Q: When will LITTLE ESTHER launch?
    A: Our mint date hasn’t been announced yet. You can expect it to drop within JUNE 2022. Keep an eye out in our Discord and Twitter (turn on notis) to keep updated.
  • Q: How can LITTLE ESTHER NFT be bought in the secondary market?
    A: Our NFTs will be available for purchase through metamask or walletconnect in our website for a fixed price of 0.0x ETH each + gas on a random basis as governed by a maximum price. A secondary market will be available at under governed rules.
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